Shoulder Strap Leather

stringsandboxes Accordion Strap and Bass Hand Strap are, in principle, only from natural and
made a real Cow Leather upper. More Information about the Process of Processing of Genuine
Cow Leather is available here.



Accordion Shoulder Straps Padding

Here you will find information about the inner Accordion Strap Padding and thier

positive Characteristics.



Padding Types

Here you will find information about the various Accordion Strap Padding.



Accordion Shoulder Straps Production

Here is a brief overview of the Production of Accordion Strap.



Bellow Straps Types

Here is an overview of the various models and popular Accordion Bellow Strap.

Push-Button Distance

Here you can find Instructions on your Accordion/Harmonica Bellow
Snap Distance predictable...



The Accordion Tuning Table

The accordion tuning table shown here is almost identical to our offered tuning table blueprints. The Accordion Tuning Table has been designed for accordion repairers in the commercial craft industry. A professional tuning table where all vocal works can be done.