Hohner Accordion Spare Parts

Hohner Reed Valve

Here you will find a rich assortment of original Hohner plastic and Vileda valves.

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Treble Keys for Hohner Morino

Here you will find plastic button topcovers in pure white for Hohner Morino (new models) and Hohner Ventura accordions.


Hohner Treble Valve

Here you will find Hohner treble and bass valve for older accordion models, such as Hohner Concerto III, Hohner Imperor, Hohner Morino, etc.


Hohner Treble Couplers

Here you will find treble register couplers for Hohner Atlantic IV N and Hohner Morino.


Hohner Bellow Pins

In addition to Hohner standard bellow nails types such as short, medium long, you will also find bellows nails for Hohner Morino accordions.


Hohner Bass Button

In addition to bass button for Hohner piano accordions, you will also find a small selection of Hohner harmonica bass buttons


Hohner Logo Badge

Here you will find Hohner brand emblems in silver and gold. But also individual letters made of aluminum and plastic for your treble top and your accordion case.


Various Hohner Spare Parts

Here you can find other Hohner spare parts for accordions.

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Hohner Treble/Bass Pallet

Here you will find various finished treble and bass pallet for Hohner accordions.

An overview of the available pallet can be found here:


Hohner Bellow Corners

Here is a small selection of Original Hohner Bellows Corner for Accordion and Diatonic Hohner models.

An overview of our bellows corner can be found here:


Hohner Accordion Feets

In addition to bass feet for Hohner Concerto, student and Hohner Junior you will also find bass feet for Hohner Morino and Hohner Atlantic (IV de Luxe)


Hohner Strap Brackets

Here you will find original Hohner strap brackets for your accordion and diatonic harmonica


Hohner accordion spring

Here you will find different Hohner original springs for treble, bass and register mechanic.